Sustainable & Fair
Growth 2030

Νational Strategy
for Sustainable and Fair Growth 2030

The National Strategy for Sustainable and Fair Growth 2030 was published in July 2018 by the Greek government.

The Strategy has incorporated the conclusions of a broad and open round of consultations implemented through the Regional Development Conferences held during 2017-2018. It adopts the holistic way of planning of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) and combines the three dimensions of growth (economic, social, environmental).

In May 2019, the Greek authorities have proceeded to the 1st update of the Strategy. The updated version, which includes a significant number of new goals, policy actions and reforms:

  • Strengthens its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by integrating  new sections on regional, environmental and social policy, innovation and sustainable investment
  • Defines 40 Key Performance Indicators for supporting the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and public awareness of policies
  • Includes reforms and policies of the 2019 National Reform Program and puts under implementation the priorities of the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey such as delivering high-quality investment, enhancing productivity, promoting inclusive growth, improving institutional quality and ensuring sound public finances.
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